Facebook changes its name to Meta in major rebrand

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Kathmandu, October 29

The company said it would better “encompass” what it does, as it broadens its reach beyond social media into areas like virtual reality.

The change does not apply to its individual platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, only the parent company that owns them.

The move follows a series of negative stories about Facebook, based on documents leaked by an ex-employee.

Frances Haugen has accused the company of putting “profits over safety”.

In 2015, Google restructured its company calling its parent firm Alphabet, however, the name has not caught on.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a variety of other executives led the Connect 2021 keynote. Much of the time was spent diving further into the details of what Facebook Reality Labs is envisioning with its mixed reality metaverse.

That includes how the platform could offer new ways to experience work, play, exercise, entertainment, and much more. The metaverse isn’t something that will be launching all at once or right away, but will be developed over the next decade. Notably, Zuckerberg said the company aims to have 1 billion metaverse users in ten years.

The other big part of the keynote today was the major rebrand from Facebook to Meta. Zuckerberg said the name best represents what it’s working towards, being a metaverse company.