How To Check IPO Result In Nepal

हाम्रो सन्देश संवाददाता

CDS & Clearing Limited has made easy arrangements for the outcome of the initial public offering (IPO Result). Friday People feel uncomfortable checking IPO Result.

How to check IPO result in Nepal
Check Result of IPO
CDS & Clearing has launched a separate website to view only the IPO results after investors were uncomfortable with the results of the IPO for ordinary shares.

Check your IPO from This site Click Here .

CDSC has launched a new web portal ‘’ with the aim of making it easier for investors to view the results of the IPO.

Earlier on Friday, CDS was strongly criticized by investors for not being able to easily see the results of CEDB hydropower development company limited.

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With the launch of the new website, investors will be able to easily view the results of the IPO and other publicly issued securities by going to this new IPO Result site.

Earlier, the CDSC had made a new arrangement only two days ago that the results of the IPO could be checked only through the websites of IPO issuers, and CDSC’s Mero Share using their Demat number.

Now Investor can check their IPO Result Three Method.


2.Website of IPO Sales Manager

3.Website of IPO Issuing Company.

The new portal, which is currently in operation, will only have the results of public evictions, so there will be no problem even if many investors check at it of their share allotted or not application report that shares of the company. The CDSC has stated that it is safe, fast, and can be operated easily by many investors at the same time.