Prez Bhandari unveils govt’s policies and programs for FY 2020/21

हाम्रो सन्देश संवाददाता


The government on Friday unveiled its policies and programs for the fiscal year 2020/21 with a focus on mobilizing resources for the agricultural revolution to create employment and plans to revive the economy which has been weakened due to COVID-19 pandemic among others.

As per the constitutional provision, President Bidya Devi Bhandari is presenting the government’s policies and programs for the next fiscal year at the joint session of the House of Representatives and National Assembly.

The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP)-led govt launched the policies and policies for the third time.

The policies and program also mention the issues of some big development projects that will help in economic mobilization.

Among them, large irrigation projects that help agriculture have been given priority. Irrigation projects like Sikta, Rani Jamara, Bheri Babai diversion, Sunkoshi-Marine diversion are also included in the policies and program.

Similarly, the policies and program also include a plan to continue the work of Pokhara Regional Airport, Gautam Buddha International Airport and the second international airport being constructed in Nijgadjh.

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